Successful people have always had clear, focused goals
that guided them to greatness. Thomas Edison was
determined to create the electric light bulb.
"Lucky" Lindbergh was determined to reach Paris, and
bet his life on it. Michelle Kwan had a goal to be the
best skater in the world. Oprah Winfrey was an abused
child who determined to make life better.

Successful people always have clear goals. Great
musicians, great athletes, successful salespeople and
inspiring leaders know what they want in life, and they
go after it. Great parents work at it. No one becomes
an astronaut by accident!

And yet the great bulk of people continue to drift
through life with no goals at all, or with only vague
dreams, hopes and wishes. No wonder we achieve so much
less than we could!

For those who don't know how to set and achieve goals,
here is a powerful set of principles that have worked
for thousands of my clients. They will work small rechargeable led lights for you,
too. I call them The 4 Steps to Successful Goal-

1. Decide what you want. Decide if you would rather
have money in the bank, or that new car. Choose the
life you prefer! You can't have everything in life;
but you can have anything you choose, if you will
focus, pay the price, and pursue it with all your

2. Clarify your values. Too often, people choose
goals that are inconsistent with their priorities and
daily behaviors. Do you value health, or comfort? Is
financial independence a priority, or merely a wish?
In a clash between your values and your wishes, your
values will win every time. Be certain your goals are
consistent with your most important values.

3. Write them down! Have the courage to put your
intentions on paper, in your own words. Be specific
and describe your goals in detail. When will you
achieve them? What will success look like? Write down
the details and read your goals every day, even take a
moment to briefly summarize them every morning. Stay